Boat Lift Covers

Our boat lift covers are made with the highest quality American-made fabrics available. We produce the nicest and most durable cover available on the market.

Our covers feature the longest side drops of any manufacturer. Additional length side drops available in 30″ or 36″ with the option to add a zippered entry.

Boat Lift Covers in northeast Indiana
Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabrics by Seaman Corporation

Shelter-Rite® is simply the best option for a vinyl cover. Made by Seaman Corporation, it is the most durable PVC-coated fabric available. The heavy 18-ounce fabrics offer the following advantages:

  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • High tear strength
  • Outstanding UV Resistance
  • Mold and mildew resistance
  • Excellent wind whip performance
  • Waterproof

Shelter-Rite Warranty

Shelter-Rite Color Chart

Note: Limitations of color reproduction and printing conditions can affect color appearance. This image is meant as a guide and is not recommended for accurate color matching. Contact us for material color samples.


Sunbrella® is the world’s number one marine fabric. With the available colors, Sunbrella combines looks and functionality. Sunbrella is the best option for a woven acrylic fabric offering the following advantages:

  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Water Repellent
  • Mildew Protection
  • Fade Resistance

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Sunbrella Color Options

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